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Custom furniture

We create custom furniture designed specifically for you. It will easily last several generations to come.

Our main focus: custom tables made in solid wood. We also make benches, free standing cabinets, dovetailed drawers, benches... We will be happy to work on your project.

Our furniture is made in respect with nature, using locally sourced wood. Every piece of handmade furniture we create for you is unique.

Handmade furniture
Cursus Traditionele Houtbewerking Zwaluwstaartverbinding Cursus Houtbewerking

Handmade in Belgium

All furniture is handmade, using traditional techniques that have been around for centuries.

Resawing and planing the wood is all done by hand, giving the resulting piece that unique look. Some of the hand tools we use on a daily basis are more the a century old, making it a very sustainable way to produce eco-friendly furniture.

Wood joints we master are mortise- and tenon joints, dovetail joints - both through and half-blind - and rebate joints. These traditional joints, expecially when cut by hand, will give your furniture the strength for generations to come.


Handmade in Belgium


We only use locally sourced wood and we cooperate with multiple small family-owned sawmills in the Ardennes. The wood has the label Bois local and is harvested from sustainably managed woodlands.

As we create all furniture by hand, there is almost no electricity used, only for the lighting of our workshop.

For the finishing we only use natural products, mainly linseed oil, shellac and natural non-toxic paints. We are glad to contribute to a better and more sustainable world!

Beitels Cursus Traditionele Houtbewerking Gereedschap Traditionele Houtbewerking
Custom handmade furniture

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“ A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. ”

- John Keats -

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